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Chicken Knight

Chicken Knight is here to satiate your taste buds, making you want to keep coming back for our delicious, authentic Australian chicken and chips.

Excite your senses with our salads, burgers and rolls. Relish our yiros with amazing bread, yummy seafood, chicken breast nuggets, juicy hot dogs, and desserts. It's a feast you'd want to keep coming back for.

Drive in with your family today and check out the fine selection of great tasting food prepared from our specialty recipes.

Lenos And Tony to help you with any catering that you require.

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Chicken Knight is your true Australian dine-in and take away that has been serving you great chicken for 17years. Conveniently located in Elizabeth, opposite the Elizabeth Shopping Centre, we can be reached by a mere 20 minute drive from Adelaide, South Australia.

Our chickens are Steggles Quality.

We are South Australian Based and operated.

We ensure that the food we serve is fresh and clean, and our service speedy. Our food is nutritious, with no excess fat. Our aim has always been to serve you the best tasting chicken, the Australian way. So if you're looking for a great Australian dining experience, you're looking at the place to be.

Our wide range of menu will offer you the most sumptuous feast, with our specialty chips and crispy chicken, Full Grill (Hamburgers, Steakburgers and Yiros) seafood, hot dogs and Roast Pork, salads and desserts fulfilling your every idea of the perfect meal.

We offer catering services for parties and events and also accept bulk orders for chicken and bowls of salads, chicken platters on request. We even offer our special menu for Christmas that includes Chicken Platters and Baked Potatoes.

We are open late, every day of the year and accept all major credit cards as means of payment. Find us on Facebook and become our friend and we will reward you with weekly specials.


Chicken Knight
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Chicken Knight
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Just the best place to take friends for a lunch or dinner.

Chicken Knight

Chicken Knight
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South Australia, 5112